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Pius X Class of 1969 40th Reunion

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Your committee is enthusiastically preparing for our reunion of a lifetime, to be held at the Embassy Suites in Santa Ana, CA, on July 10 and 11, 2009.

We have had great responses from many of you and it appears we are 
definitely off to a great start.

We need to find all of our missing Warriors. If you know anyone's 
correct email address from the list below, please send them to Denny 
Mosier at ASAP, so we can invite everyone for this momentous occasion!

Missing Warriors  
(woman's last known married name is in parentheses):

Fran Avila
John Babcock
Tim Beck
Julie (Gunn) Bell
Louis Benkovich
Carol (Greene) Boldizar
Ken Bonfadini
Kathy (Bruton) Bradshaw
Kay (Streckfuss) Brunelle
Claude Brunkow
Joan (Wainwright) Budds
Sue (King) Burgess
Robert Butler
Christopher Byrne
Colleen (Hurwitz) Carr
Arnold Carrillo
Ed Carroll
Thomas Cash
Rebecca (Jones) Caudillo
Mark Child
Sara (Ford) Clark
Rachael Colozzo
Roy Conboy
Michael Conroy
John Consoli
Randy Cook
Laurie (Lorenz) Cox
Joe DeBoer
Andy Decker
Diane (Conlon) Diskin
Laura (Salvatierra)Duran
John Early
Grace (Cross) Egan
Charlotte (Winer) Escobedo
Brenda Fischer
Cosetta (Cody) Fong
Pat Fraser
Karen (Mantel) Gallagher
Jeanette Garcia
Richard Garcia
Charles Gilman
Dan Gragson
Wally Gribben
Victor Hack
Elaine Hansen
Jeffrey Harmon
Bill Heckert
Steven Hills
Matthew Hoch
Linda (McDonald) Hudgens
Mary (Harden) Humphreys
Anthony Iacaboni
Chris Jackson
Jennifer (Frediani) Jacobi
Danny Jensen
Stephen Jones
Teresa (Brown) June
Kathryn (Arce) Jurovich
Judith (Lucas) Kanger
Mike Kelly
Deborah Koehn
Donna (Browne) Kozey
John Krusel
Darlene (Depasquale) LaClear
Suzanne (Power) Ladd
Don Landry
Marsha Lanehart
Ann (Roberson) Lazzaro
Sylvia (Arvizo) Lona
Joel Lopez
Grant Malme
Janet (Winckler) Marko
Mike McCoy
Rebecca (Norris) McPeek
Mike Mesares
Glen Miller
Ed Montano
Ronald Montes
Patrick Montoya
Raul Morales
Robin Morton
Marie (Sandoval) Navarro
Kathleen (Hogan) Norman
John Nunes
Beverlee (Perez) Nye
Frank Oliva
Marsha (Likins) Owen
Mary Anne Pacheco
David Palacio
Mike Powell
Elaine (Wood) Price
Mary (Meusborn) Ramirez
Monica (Brumfiel) Rasbidoski
Joe Reinecke
Rene Rivera
Becky (Ingram) Robles
Jim Romo
Frank Roscoe
Greg Roscoe
Rick Sanchez
James Schiermeyer
Lee (McKee) Sebula
Rosemarie (Munoz) Serrato
Joe Sievers
Margaret (DeLuca) Skinn
Floyd Smith
Pamela Sunday
Karen (Tissel) Swinhart
Sue (Mechan) Tanner
Gayle (Pacheco) Tourville
Joan Van Ruiten
Donna (Koeppel) Veilleux
Peter Verdo
Michael Whalen
Carol Williams
Marie (Sola) Rodden
Christine (Ruggiero) Dozal
Dave Amatisto
Brenda (Teller) Bailey
Janie (Brittingham) Boone
Judy (West) Harden
John Tereschuk
Juan Gonzales
Maria (Fisher) Golden
Nancy (Peralta) Allen
Mary Anne (Buckles) Nicholas
Maureen Tighe
Michael Holman
Mary Anne Nero
Peter Busciglio
Ronald Magallanes
Becky (Ghiotto) Cerda
Rita Bernardelli
Vicki (Sack) Ohlheiser
Stephen Roberson
Theresa (Hensel) Harman
Mike Marrujo
Nancy (Price) Carzoli

Here are the prices for the Saturday July 11, 2009, dinner-dance extravaganza:

- If you send us a payment by May 15, the cost is $70 per person.
- If you send us your payment after May 15 but before June 11, it's $75.
- If you send us your payment after June 11, or you saunter in at the 
door with no prior payment, it's $85.

Make your checks payable to Mary Kennedy (she was Mary Perrizo at Pius). 

Send the checks to Mary at her home address: 8471 Cape Newbury Drive, Huntington Beach, CA, 92646.

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites in Santa Ana, 
California, the site of our July 10th and 11th, 2009 gathering. The July 
10 event will be a no-host bar at the Embassy Suites.


Your Reunion Committee

Mary Kay Dietrick Bollenbacher, Chair
Jim Montemer, President
Arline Mauerhan Breslin, Vice President
Mary Perrizo Kennedy, Treasurer
Denny Mosier, email Coordinator
Theresa Stock Lorette, Social Director
Marianne Sonsma Hartshorn, Chief Negotiator
Laurie Zweber Talbert, Member at Large
Celeste Falton Ferris, Member at Large
Cheryl Ceas O'Keeffe, Member at Large

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