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A Picture with no information has little value and could be replaced sometime in the future.

Personalized photo information added or changed at no charge.

If I already have your information it will be added to new photos within 48 hrs.

Info changes are done by email. To add or make changes to the text below your personalized webpage photo do the following. 

Using the copy/paste function by right clicking your mouse and Copying the web address at the top of your web browser (see example below). When you are on the webpage looking at "your" specific full-size photo. Paste this address line into your email you send back to me along with the typed information you would like placed beneath your photo.

The below example address line is the clearest way I can identify your specific photo.

Example: http://www.oldtemecula.com/fleamarkets/maurice2/p1010000.htm

Your information:
1. Type your business title
2. Type your text up to 180 letters or less so search engine keywords can be indexed.

You could have your webpage address, email address, phone # or what ever you think is important to display to the public.

Email: Christopher with your information update.

For fun try some keywords in the search engines like Yahoo and Google and you will find that my oldtemecula.com webpages have a very high listing. Keywords like Temecula Crafts or Murrieta Farmers Market often come to the first page if not the top of the list.

My goal is to capture good photos allowing internet exposure to help promote your business, especially handcrafted and art creativity. I am retired and this project helps get me out of the house.

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