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The Rock House
Hello, Temecula Valley Historical Society

It appears my Old Adobe was constructed out of rock and mortar. The date sprayed on the wall inside says 1939. I do believe when I saw the wall in 1989 it was 1839 spelled out in little white quarts stones. It was clearly 1800's.

This building has a story to tell. When viewing the structure closely you can tell a child was helping his father. Small quarts rocks are placed low in special places on the wall as I did when my own father built our fireplace. A old grave site can be found at the top of the hill a short distance from the cabin.

If you don't have this one catalogued it is located 4.6 miles up Rawson Rd. off of  Borel Rd? Go 17 miles east on Rancho California Rd. from the freeway to hit Rawson Road, this is a semi-paved, pot holed adventure crossing the California Aqueduct.

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