Receive Digital TV
Without Monthly Fees In Temecula Valley

Explore using a VHF/ UHF TV Antenna in our "fringe area"

Or hook your TV Wireless HDMI to the internet!
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 Next to the 15 freeway Murrieta, Wildomar and Elsinore up the canyon and Sun City/Perris have the best locations.

Tune in KUSI Channel 12, San Diego. This is still an "analog" station and can currently be viewed with an indoor rabbit ear antenna, no converter box. It is broadcast from a local Temecula Valley mountain peak up near Deluz so reception to most of the valley is weak or non existent. Not available in Sun City or Perris.

KUSI Live Streaming Video

Note: Digital channels do not show any indication of their presence on the old standard analog televisions. 

A new Digital TV Converter for your old analog television using an antenna is now required. The converter is something you "must" use on old TV's after June 2009. New TV's made after 3/2007 should already have this built in.

The new digital channels 7 - 51
have the potential of dividing into 4 digital channels in the future.

If you live in a "good" location you can receive the no fee crisp television picture from digital DTV broadcasts transmitted from a top Mount Wilson north of Los Angeles.

Temecula Valley reception is weak, the components below are critical!
Antenna -  Pre-Amp - Mast Rotator
Converter Box  BestBuy Stores
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(New TV's made after 3/2007 should have a digital tuner already built in)
The Best VHF/UHF Fringe Antennas, channel 7- 51  60+ mile 
Antennacraft® HBU33 High-VHF/UHF Antenna
Model: HBU33 | Catalog #: 15-289,  80" length
Radio Shack  $79.99  or  Summit Source.com $35.99

* The minimum required antenna *

Channel Master CM2020 VHF/UHF TV Antenna  41 Elements Directional Fringe Outdoor Television Signal Rooftop Digital HDTV Reception Range 90" length, 60 miles plus.  $61.69   Comes with 50' of coax cable

* This is the ideal long range HDTV digital VHF/UHF antenna design *

Winegard HD-7697P Digital HDTV High Definition VHF/UHF HD-769 Series Antenna 53 Element Off-Air Television Aerial, 131.25" length, $91.95

* This antenna has the best long range signal gain. *

Mast mounted Pre-Amps are recommended for coax cable lengths of over 50'
Antennacraft® 10G202 High-Gain HDTV-FM Signal Amplifier
Provides up to 22dB gain for VHF, UHF and FM bands
Radio Shack $54.99  or   Summit Source.com  $33.49
Channel Master 0068-DSB
TV/HDTV Antenna-Mounted VHF/UHF

16 db VHF/UHF 23 db gain $48.95

High-Gain Signal Pre-Amplifier  Model: 0068-DSB
AntennaCraft 10G212 30 dB High Gain Pre Amplifier Antenna Mast Mounted TV/FM Signal HDTV Off-Air Television Aerial Mast Mount Signal TV Booster, Switchable FM Trap, adjustable output signal strength. $26.79
Winegard AP8275 VHF/UHF Preamplifier  High Gain Mast Mount  
29 db VHF/UHF 28 db gain  $34.75
Antenna rotators are recommended for remote fine adjustment of the different channels.
All of the usable digital TV reception comes from the same basic direction.
(Mount Wilson)
Channel Master 9521A Antenna Rotator  "Remote Control" Automatic System Rotor Complete 9521-A Remote with IR Head Controller, Outdoor Off Air Signal Finder, 117 Volt 60 Hz, Part # CM9521   $68.95

<= This 9521A is good because it has a hand remote control that you can use from your sofa, a nice feature for fringe areas.

Note: Radio Shack rotators are not recommend due to poor construction.

Not all areas of Temecula Valley receive a strong or useful signal from Mount Wilson!  
If your DTV signal is strong enough this can be a savings of over a $500  a year. With no cable or satellite account you can now rent or buy your favorite movies with the tremendous savings.

You must have a view to the NW looking towards Corona, CA.  How is TV signal strength measured?   

Analog & Digital UHF Channels that are currently possible to receive
Analog Digital Station  
7 7.1 KABC  
9 9.1 KCAL
11 11.1 KTTV  
12 --- KUSI Low power local "analog" station transmitted from a nearby mountain
13 13.1 KCOP  
--- --- --- Above are VHF digital channels, UHF digital channels below
31 5.1 KTLA  
36 4.1 KNBC  
38 30.1 ION
43 2.1 KCBS  
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Higher humidity above 60% & a barometer pressure above 30 in. is better.  I use Corona, CA as a reference which is in the middle of our reception path/distance.  These measurements can determine the ideal signal strength. Reception improves the higher the humidity and barometer pressure. Sundown to sunrise seems to be the best time for our Mount Wilson VHF/UHF reception in Temecula Valley.

What weakens the TV signal in the fringe areas of Temecula Valley varies:
* The large distance to where the signal is transmitted from, Mount Wilson is about 75 miles away!
* Having a nearby hill blocking the direction toward Mount Wilson is the worst case scenario.
* Buildings and trees will absorb or block the weak signal completely.
* The southwest side of Hancock in Murrieta avoids the large hill running behind Clinton Keith.
* A thick low marine layer of clouds reduces or cancels good reception of the signal.
* Sun solar flare activity can also play havoc on the signal reception, it will peak in 2011.

* Most of the UHF signals travel south down the I-15 Freeway corridor.
* A weak signal between you and Mount Wilson can have sporadic dropouts due to atmospheric changes.
* Weak digital signals display a pixel breakup on the screen, no sound or worse yet complete drop out.
* Analog signals display snow in the picture and worse, complete loss of the signal.
* Some days reception over the air will be completely unusable or unreliable. 

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the results you will have in your location. Every location has it's own characteristics that influence reception. There may be days the over all reception becomes more frustrating than the expectation you had hoped  from your investment. The purpose of my webpage is to reveal the components I have found that work the best from my own experience in receiving Digital UHF TV signals in the fringe reception of Temecula Valley.

You must have a clear view towards the NW looking towards Corona, CA.

If you try digital reception using a VHF/UHF antenna or your computer I would enjoy knowing your location and posting your experience. Send your email to: christopher

Last Update 01.07.11