Temecula Valley Hates Frontier Bundles


Internet Digital TV

This is Truly Amazing!

Free TV Using Wireless Internet

For VHF/ UHF TV Antennas visit here

Webpage by oldtemecula.com

Subscribe to high speed internet $45 a month through Frontier or Time Warner Cable 

Subscribe to Sling TV for $20 a month for real time streaming of local news stations, the Disney Channel and much more. Watch on your computer instantly or purchase 90 days of Sling TV for a free Roku 2 device to watch on your HD Television.

Free phone service - Purchase the OOMA telephone device for $99 from Amazon  and use your same phone and number, you will never know the difference from your old phone setup.

Amazon Prime Members get a great selection of free movies for members.

Get McAfee Virus protection from PC Magazine for $29.95 a year, includes all your devices.

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