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In the Year 2016

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Today a Professor of Electronics for my students on the internet.

That was my Bambi 
twenty years ago.

I have "never" owned a cell phone

When Moses came down the mountain and saw Godís people dancing around the Golden Calf he was angry but more disappointed. He knew this object or idol of worship would blind his people from knowing the presence of the one true God in their everyday life.

The modern day cell phone (computer perfection), could this be the prophesized mark/object on the hand and at the forehead? Will it also blind people to God's presence, become the only way to buy and sell things to fulfill the prophesied cashless society? 

How strange that either word, computer or perfection have a total sum that equals "666". Assign 6 to A, 12 to B, 18 to C, etc - what are the odds of this 666 coincidence? This webpage calculator will show how the letters in different words do add up.  Multiple 6 Code Calculator  

The New World Order for me is the Internet, never before has anyone been so easily able to connect to someone anywhere in the world, far away places like Russia, China, etc.  facebook, twitter, etc play into this communication. It is stated that when the moment of truth comes it will be communicated around the world in a moment, a few years ago I could not imagine how this could be done.

As a child I always wondered why would anyone would want the prophesized biblical mark/object mentioned in Revelations. Today I realize it is because of simple convenience, so subtle many will not notice what is happening or be able to let go of the mark/object once they have it. Even if they recognize the mark/object they will hold onto it by choice. The object becomes their identity, who they are, even a must have status symbol.

The cell phone by itself is "not" the issue, no more than the golden calf was to dance around or a bottle of whisky sitting on the table in front of the alcoholic. It is all about human behavior and how we express ourselves to one another. There was a time people would walk in the forest and pray or meditate toward something greater than self. Today most people I pass are disconnected from reality absorbed into the digital realm, isolating themselves from life with simple ear buds.

Be still as God is quiet now, you must seek Him to know Him. He moves about us like a breeze through the trees, we know not from where He comes but do know everyday we are in His presence.

Do I take what I mention serious, humm... can evil isolate or influence us through technology?  I do miss the simpler times in the early 20th Century when "families huddled together" around the warmth of the big AM Radio. Together they were excited when they heard the fading in and out of a crackling radio program from a far away place.

As a test of faith I choose not to have a cell phone or mark my body with tattoos' as today's cell phone generation expresses their self. Now if I could only get rid of this computer?

I am getting up now, going outside to Look Up, looking for black helicopters and con trails, if I get lucky maybe I will experience something  truly special...

This  beautiful video sums things up better than I could from a different perspective

If it's in the giving that we receive then Click Here  There are many simple ways to help others. Write something in my Cafe Temecula Forum at the bottom of the page, like simple words of encouragement for someone struggling. I do get 50 to 100 families weekly on that webpage, most are looking for ways to help.