"The PHOENIX rose from the ashes towards a Sun that was Shining. . ."

Rising Spirit of Theremin

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May 27, 2015

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Circa 1935

In my Vision the theremin was revealed as art. There were no antennas, dangling wires or cords on the floor, just stand alone simplicity revealing beauty. The pitch rumbles low, yet sings with the angels. Arm and hand movements control the range of volume, octave change and pitch. It is interesting to me that a beautiful pitch is easier to play. It is as if the theremin finds joy in expressing herself. This theremin is reality and affordable for those who wish to share in the dream of Lev Sergeyevich Termen . . . Christopher    November 15, 2003


New Idea: 2015 I am beginning to think an EtherWave Standard Hybrid is the best approach for the finest theremin of all time with its solid build and resale value. You can have the authentic sound using my add-on build. Did you know you can buy a new stuffed EWS Board for $96 and for another $100 you could have the sound of Clara Rockmore. Don't reinvent what is already available. With the introduction of the new Moog Theremini the EWS should start showing up at bargain prices, used.

Altermen = Alternative Theremin adapted to the EWS which has the sound of Clara's old classic!
Theremin direct to sound card, pure, no acoustic development =
Listen.mp3 294k

With no one posting any interest in this approach, it has been placed on the backburner.  5.11.15

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Public New 2014


Single Tube Hybrid known as the TW Altermen is all solid-state except one tube/valve. This latest idea came to mind on November 3, 2014. It is based upon my dragonfly design and is the culmination of my 10 year theremin journey. This will become the theremin design of choice as it dispels 13 common theremin myths.

This Altermen approach was promised in the Vision of 2003

What aspect of the theremin you are most interested, like playing, simple-building, etc. 
This will give me ideas of which areas to expand upon in the future.


Paul Tanner, my friend had a nice whistle with his electro-theremin or what he just called The Box

See my DIY Opto-VCO project below

The Tannerin of Master Builder Tom Polk is an excellent design, construction and sound.

Avoid any design that does not demonstrate sound samples to validate the design.

Ideal Pitch Linearity found in the analog theremin Altermen will one day be the only acceptable norm. All theremins operating their pitch oscillators around 922 kHz will benefit from the Thin Wire Antenna concept.  Don't do this on your EtherWave Standard it won't work. A properly tuned EWS has good linearity.

I bread boarded and am evolving an analog hybrid tube/valve theremin operating at 900 kHz using miniature high Q shielded coils and it also tuned for a "Perfectly Linear" pitch field with a rich sound. Solid state tuning.

When you have true pitch linearity the very low notes play a crisp vibrato. Transistor theremin oscillators can give you a comparable tube osc sound but not exactly that of the original tube/valve theremins.

- My interest is moving in this direction, visit my first project -

Some Basic Theremin Builds

The Thierrymin


The Audurino Uno

My Opto-VCO has pitch & volume control with better sound than the other two links. It is the engine to build an Optical Theremin, Electro-Theremin/Tannerin or Cello and have that sweet sound.

Below is the finest and most desired of all theremin designs!

Practical Moog EtherWave Standard

This is the theremin a classical player really wants!

 Using my Clara Rockmore Add-On Authentic Sound Mod 

Coming Later!

Purchase EtherWave Components
Genuine Moog Music

EtherWave Std Tips & Tricks

Visit Star for the EWS  Listen.mp3
pirit of Theremin Acoustic Resonators

The theremin is the only musical instrument played without touching anything!
Below, the double image is Greg overlaid upon himself.

Below are creative Phoenix designs by Master builder Dana A.

The time has come in the new millennium to evolve into what a true theremin design should demonstrate.
A design that allows the audio/visual expressions of the Thereminist to be intimately experienced.

Sneak Peek the Latest Tube/Valve Design in Process 
Dragonfly inside Dana's Workshop

The first thing to notice are clean lines with no dangling cords, they exit out the bottom. 

Hopefully one day all theremins will have my perfectly linear pitch field with an authentic heterodyne sound.

This Research was done by Christopher over 10 years, the theremin is much more than a plain digital whistle!

"The foolish will tell you it is the way the theremin is played that develops the interesting voice... 
without mentioning you need to have the proper sound first."


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