"The PHOENIX rose from the ashes towards a Sun that was Shining. . ."

Rising Spirit of Theremin

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June 3, 2014

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Circa 1935

In my Vision the theremin was revealed as art. There were no antennas, dangling wires or cords on the floor, just stand alone simplicity revealing beauty. The pitch rumbles low, yet sings with the angels. Arm and hand movements control the range of volume, octave change and pitch. It is interesting to me that a beautiful pitch is easier to play. It is as if the theremin finds joy in expressing herself. This theremin is reality and affordable for those who wish to share in the dream of Lev Sergeyevich Termen . . . Christopher    November 15, 2003


Lev Sergeyevich Termen was the first to invent an Electronic Musical Instrument, Spy Listening Devices and much more.
The theremin I believe must be pure analog while espionage devices could be modern digital. I am currently reviewing a product of master engineering design.

I am always looking for that very imaginative technical explorer who wants to take the theremin to the next level. I have hundreds of webpages not seen by the public that could guide you to your own personal ultimate instrument. If you figure out how to contact me, tell a little about your background. This is not for everyone. When it comes to theremins some electronic engineers seem to have crippled creativity due to the discipline of their training. They continue to fail traveling down rabbit holes making a project so complicated they don't know how to back up or change direction. They continue to do the same thing over and over and over. )-:

Phoenix Chat Forum
Public New 2014

New for 2014: My ten years of inspired guidance in developing my knowledge of theremin design has now concluded. You might say I am on my own now. From the beginning finding the voice is what kept me going. How does a mature sound come about and not that cheap whistle so many associate with the theremin. In the world of theremin you have not arrived until the opera lady sings.

Paul Tanner, my good friend had a nice whistle with his electro-theremin or what he just called The Box

I envision a new Box design being more fluid, demonstrating a richer sound, practical to build and play, maybe $100 DIY. This would be real analog sound, not the cheesy digital sound running rampant in the music world accepted by the younger generation who probably has never appreciated the natural beauty of pure analog. If you have ever listened to the original "Good Vibrations" the whistle was a much "sweeter" fatter sine wave sound, not the thin solid state sound accepted in today's imitations and cell phones. Digital does have its place. It works best when used for various control applications, like your cell phone, the object on the hand and at the forehead, the future of currency and it allows for instant communication anywhere in the world.

How about having this Altermen electro-theremin sound?

Altermen = Alternative Theremin

The Tannerin of Master Builder Tom Polk is an excellent design, construction and sound.

New 4.15.14  A unique volume control method which gives new life to the theremin.

Below is the Voice of a True Transistor Heterodyning Theremin  Few ever discover what makes a natural theremin sound good, some misguide you into thinking it is the way you play while others resort to digitally faking it. )-'

 The Voice of Phoenix  .
A Solid-State Sound   mp3 632k

Due to poor hearing and skill I am unable to play a tune but I move through the perfectly linear pitch field, you will get the idea. This is theremin direct to sound card so no enhancement, only by your computer speaker system.

Always Get sound samples, do you really want a nasty dry whistle?

Ideal Pitch Linearity found in the analog theremin Phoenix will one day be the only acceptable norm. All theremins operating their pitch oscillators at 900 kHz will benefit from the dry Lev Antenna concept while the EtherWave Standard can have perfect pitch field linearity using Agua Bella.

I bread boarded and tested a analog hybrid tube/valve theremin operating at 900 kHz using miniature high Q shielded coils and it also tuned for a "Perfectly Linear" pitch field with a rich sound. Solid state tuning.

When you have true pitch linearity the very low notes play a crisp vibrato. Transistor theremin oscillators can give you a comparable tube osc sound but not exactly that of the original early tube/valve theremins.

A Ten Year Journey

Access to building my theremin design is by invitation only, it does not hurt to ask (-'
RS Theremin "Phoenix" 
Transistors can outdo Tube/Valves
Lev Antenna #1
Linear Tube Theremin
Authentic Sound
Linearity Observations
Free Note Pitch Tuner View of Linearity
Things Worth Repeating from TW Letter from Lev's Friend

Practical EtherWave Standard

EtherWave Std Tips & Tricks

Agua Bella - Lev Antenna #2 
Perfect Pitch Linearity for EWS

Visit Star for the EWS  Listen.mp3
pirit of Theremin Acoustic Resonator

Unique Volume Control for pitch only theremins or any theremin for that matter

In My Lab Photo  is a more conventional mounting for the Lev Antenna. Look at the gold painted spring with the jewel on top. The spring uses an internal 3/8" wood or plastic dowel to expand  it 1/2" mounted in a thin wall plastic tube for a gorgeous look!

Below are creative Phoenix designs by Master builder Dana A. (SewerPipe)

The time has come in the new millennium to evolve into what a true theremin design should demonstrate.
A design that allows the audio/visual expressions of the Thereminist to be intimately experienced.

Sneak Peek the Latest Tube/Valve Design in Process 
Dragonfly inside Dana's Workshop
This journey will be > 100 photos upon completion
Theremin Birth

The first thing to notice are clean lines with no dangling cords, they exit out the bottom. 

Hopefully one day all theremins will have my perfectly linear pitch field with the authentic heterodyne sound.

I do not hear well so you judge, this is theremin direct to sound card using only your speakers! 

This is the vacuum tube heterodyne musical sound Lev Sergeyevich and I both discovered

6.12.2009  Listen1.mp3 460k
Finding Clara's Voice

9.9.2014 Listen2.mp3  600k
Wide Aggressive Volume Attack

This Research was done by Christopher over 10 years, the theremin is much more than a cheap digital whistle!

"The foolish will tell you it is the way the theremin is played that develops the interesting voice... 
without mentioning you need to have the proper sound first."


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